83 Percent of Gay Men Send Dick Pics on Dating Apps, Survey Says

Posted on Mar 20 2015 - 1:11am by GaysFeed Staff

Grabhim.net surveyed nearly 4,000 gay men ages 18-65, all of who participated over the course of four weeks in the month of February of 2015. Their article states that, “this survey was not commissioned, nor sponsored by or for, any of the gay dating or hookup apps. We conducted the study for our own use.”  So out of the results the most shocking statistic was that 83 percent of gay men send dick pics!


LOL right now! Sorry, but it is so true according to the local rumor mill. It’s a liberating experience to send a nude pic and as grabhim.net said it is sort of a rite of passage sending and receiving dick pics. Other results of this survey include:


  • 45% of Guys Who Actually Meet Don’t Hook Up.


  • 57% of HIV Negative Men Discriminate Against HIV+ Guys.


  • 30% of Gay Men Don’t Need To See A Face Pic To Meet Up.


The shocking 30% of gay men claiming they don’t need to see a face pic to hook up kind of scares us though!


Read more results at grabhim.net!