People Are Freaking Out About The U.S. Men’s Gymnastics Team

Posted on Aug 10 2016 - 4:16pm by GaysFeed Staff

The Olympics have produced some inspiring moments so far. Michael Phelps has continued his reign as the most decorated Olympic athlete in history. And he even inspired a meme phenomenon with #PhelpsFace. Chris Mosier has made history as the first American trans athlete to compete in the Games. But perhaps it’s the sheer hotness of the U.S. Men’s Gymnastics Team that has people truly captivated.

The fever started back in January when the Rio Olympics were still months away. While on the beach in Brazil, the entire team took a shirtless selfie together. People went crazy for their six-pack abs, chiseled arms, and speedos. Buzzfeed documented the phenomenon back then and revealed that the team had a history of going shirtless.

The piece went on to share dozens of shirtless group photos and individual shots of Samuel Mikulak, Paul Ruggeri, Jake Dalton, Danell J. Leyva, Donnell Whittenburg, Brandon Wynn, Alex Naddour, and Steve Legendre.

Male gymnasts have always had a reputation for having hot bodies. The strength required to excel in their sport requires strenuous workouts and developed muscles that are almost superhuman. But it seems the U.S. team has a secret requirement that requires all its members to be hot, too.

For those thinking the guys are shrugging off the hoopla and focusing on the competition that lies ahead, think again. According to an article in People magazine, the guys actually want to compete shirtless during the Games to attract more viewers.

The men’s team admittedly has less of a following than the women. Millions were glued to their TV screens this week to watch Simone Biles and team tumble their way to gold. But that same fanfare doesn’t exist for the guys. At least not in competition. They’re hoping to bring the admiration of their shirtless Instagram pics to their sport.

The actual suggestion came from Mikulak during an interview with the Wall Street Journal. He said, “People make fun of us for wearing tights. But if they saw how yoked we are maybe that would make a difference.”

Dalton chimed in that exposed torsos would help shine a light on the “technique and finesse of the sport”. Shirtless competing would give them respect. Sure, fellas. Whatever you say. Viewership would most certainly go up, but it’s doubtful that anyone watching would learn anything about technique, finesse, or really anything beyond hotness.

It turns out that hotness might be the only factor the U.S. men’s gymnasts have going for them. The team hasn’t taken home the gold since 1984. And this year, after a stellar start in the qualifying round, they finished in fifth place after a series of miscues.

It’s unfortunate as we’re always cheering for the American teams to perform well on the international stage. But luckily for us, these guys can get back to training. And better yet, they can get back to documenting all of it for us on Instagram.



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