The Most Popular Gay Cam Star On Chaturbate Is Straight?

Posted on Aug 5 2016 - 2:15pm by GaysFeed Staff


For a 25-year-old T.G.I. Friday’s server with social anxiety, becoming a stripper might not seem like the most logical career step. Thankfully for “Brett”, life as a cam boy has helped him net more money, satisfy his exhibitionist streak, and simultaneously keep to himself.

Medium publication MEL boasts a pretty expansive collection of articles about sex and relationships. Recent reads have included “Where No Man Has Come Before” and “That’s My Fetish: Getting Punched in the Balls”. But it’s the story of “Brett” and his cam boy lifestyle that have generated tons of interest from the media. Mainly, the fact that he’s straight and caters to a big, gay audience is the primary draw.

He describes himself to fans as “heteroflexible” and has even shared details about a mechanic who used to fix his car for free in exchange for blow jobs. The ‘is he or isn’t he’ appeal of his cam show has his fans hooked.

After dropping out of nursing school in 2012, his mother urged him to put his good body to work as a stripper. When he couldn’t find any strip clubs in his area, he turned to Chaturbate. Chaturbate is a wildly popular site where users can watch cammers masturbate and tip them with tokens.

“Brett” racks up 300,000 tokens a week which cashes in for about $1500. It’s far more than what he was making as a server. And he largely attributes his success to his larger than normal backside.

In the article he says, “I guess I have a golden ticket. I have a big butt for a white guy, and that got me popular [fast].” He added that his charming personality combined with his looks is the true appeal of his cam show.

For those who may not think camming is a true profession, “Brett” treats his job with the utmost professionalism. His pre-show routine includes sterilizing his dildos to prevent the spread of bacteria. He also gives himself an enema to avoid any unwanted onscreen accidents.

He even has strong online relationships with his biggest fans. His most loyal viewers tip anywhere from$50-$500 per show.

The most popular aspect of his show is the OhMiBod machine. It’s a sex toy that connects to the Chaturbate interface via USB. Every time a fan leaves a tip, “Brett” feels a sensation. Tips of 100 tokens or less cause a slight buzz. 500 token-tips send a strong wave. Tips of more than 1,000 tokens create a sensation similar to an electric shock.

“Brett” puts on this version of his show three times a week, and compared to everything he’s tried, it’s this show that generates the biggest bucks.

Despite his success, he worries that someone he knows might stumble upon his gay porn someday. He recently ventured into videos outside of the Chaturbate universe. One video, in which he has sex with a bisexual friend, has netted profits in the range of $15,000. Though he fears someone may find out about his secret life, he’s motivated to continue by a fear of hitting rock bottom. He wants to do everything to avoid becoming a server again.

His full story can be found in MEL under the Sex and Relationships section.