Tyler Posey Accused Of Gay Baiting With Fake Coming Out Story

Posted on Aug 1 2016 - 3:07pm by GaysFeed Staff


For gay fans of Teen Wolf, it seemed the impossible had taken place this weekend. After series regular Colton Haynes publicly came out earlier this year, co-star Tyler Posey seemed to follow suit. However, it turns out it was all just a hoax.

In a series of snaps on Friday, Posey proclaimed “I am gay!”. He then points his camera to the sign for Gay Street, in New York, and explains, “This is me. I am this and this is me. I never felt more alive.” He then shouts once more that he’s gay and flips the cell camera around to show his face.

The media ran with the story immediately. Gay media outlets Pride and Towleroad picked up the news, and social media users went into an absolute frenzy. However, Posey and a rep for MTV soon let everyone know that his coming out story was nothing more than a joke.

The MTV rep had what was perhaps the oddest explanation of the Snapchat story. According to Fusion, the rep said that Posey was most likely using the word “gay” to indicate that he was “happy” and not homosexual.

Posey then took to Twitter on Saturday to clarify for his fans. In the short series of tweets, he apologized for diminishing the importance of coming out. He went on to say that he fully supports the LGBTQ community, but he himself was not gay.

While that might be a bummer for those Teen Wolf fans hoping for some type of gay story arc involving Posey’s and Haynes’ characters, it left others perplexed. Many social media users accused Posey of gay baiting and expressed anger about how he could stage a gay-focused prank in the wake of the Orlando shooting tragedy.

However, it wasn’t for long. Posey joined a handful of his co-stars on stage at the Teen Choice Awards Sunday night to accept an award for Teen Wolf. There was no mention of the controversy and a quick Twitter search reveals that users have already moved on.

This wasn’t the first time Posey has joked about his sexuality. Back in 2014, he made headlines after joking that he had a Grindr account during the MTV special, Being Tyler Posey. Turns out that was nothing to take seriously either. At the time, he was engaged to girlfriend Seana Gorlick, but the two broke up just a few months later.

Teen Wolf returns for its sixth and final season November 15.